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Cost of the Crown Cover by sapphiresembrace
Cost of the Crown Cover
This is me singing Cost of the Crown by the lovely Mercedes Lackey, music by Shandeen O'Neill. I couldn't get a copy of the music to sing along too, so I just sang the song and uploaded it here. to see what people thought.
Be nice guys, I know I'm not the best at singing.

Link to song here. ->…

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Ok, so its spring here in the UK, but it feels like we just walked into the middle of an inferno!!!! I feel like I have been cooked! I have the windows open, the fan on full and I still feel roasted...

In other news, I will be posting little bits and bats when I can here now, work has become rather hectic and I have two dogs to watch when I am home, my mum and her partner are both working shifts form hell, doubles, sleeps, nights and over time to boot.

So yea no worries I am still here just very busy.
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Ok Belated Merry Christmas to you all, I was away for the holiday for the first time and while the place was Wonderful, the wifi was Terrible! I couldn't even make a phone call to say Merry Christmas to my best friend.

That aside, it will soon be 2015, so yea, Happy New Year to all of you!!!

Note, my Gallery has had a few updates mostly of the Bionicle nature, it seems my Bionicle bugs have Finally come out of hiding at last and thus the updates. however Tainted Waters is a more Mature fic, so heed the warnings and read at your own risk. 

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Tainted Water.


OK! I decided to a drabble in my mind and it turned into THIS! I don’t know how or why, it just did.

Set in a sort of AU of Web of Shadows, I made Sidorak a tiny-teeny bit OOC.

WARNING! WARNING! This holds some Non-con and LOTS of bad sorry things! Look away now young Matoran! Look away before your innocent yes are burned out by Makuta!!!

If you are over 18 and above however, consider yourself warned and be it on your own heads if you come out the other side with scars of your childhood. Remember you were warned.

Disclaimer; Bionicle is made, produced and owned by Lego, not me. Disclaimer over. *Curls up with plushie versions of the Rahaga and Giant Teddy of Keetongu.* Nighty-night. Please do not sue me.


He was angry.

Roodaka could only tell that because she had been around him enough it see the slight changes in his posture as he sat in his throne, listening to one of the Visorak relay a message from the hoard asking for their king’s permission to make nests for the females, as it would soon been breeding season.

Not that it meant the male Visorak were softer or weaker than females, the two sexes were equal, but a mother Visorak needed a place that was safe and secure in their mind to lay her eggs and know that her brood would be safe and the task of building those nests fell to their chosen mates.

However, under Sidorak there was a strict rule, before breeding began, he was to be informed of how many females were in heat and how many males were in rut, so that he could plan his attacks not to involve the carrying females and mothers and so he could at least know WHY half the males where in fighting.

“Make your nests in the lower levels, away from the Matoran and make sure that you do not damage anything.” Sidorak sighed, waving his hand to dismiss the messenger, who quickly bowed and scurried off.

“My King?” She asked.

“Yes Roodaka?” He turned to her, eyes filled with annoyance and something she thought she recognized as desire.

She bowed her head lightly and gave a sweet smile. “You seem stiff, my king, perhaps a walk amongst the pods?” She offered, lightly placing her hands on to his shoulders and pressing herself against his side.

In the next instant, Roodaka was pinned against the wall, with Sidorak’s wrist blade pressed heavily against her throat.

“Do you take me for a fool my dear? That I wouldn’t realize you were carrying a blade?” he asked calmly while removing the hidden blade from her arm and crushing it in his hand. “I do not wish to have to remind you every day that you will never be Queen of my hoard, Roodaka. So make this the LAST time you make the mistake of thinking you can use your body to seduce me.” Sidorak stated, growling softly as steam was blown from his vents, so hot it burnt the fresh wax and polish from her face before he dropped her to the floor. “Leave me.”

Roodaka bowed and quickly left the room, she could see why Makuta had placed them together, Sidorak’s temper was on a shorter fuse than her own and while she had control over the young and foolishly obedient members of the hoard and a few older ones, the vast number of Visorak listened only to Sidorak’s orders.

While he seemed board and uninterested by anything short of Makuta’s words, Sidorak was cold, ruthless and at times, he reminded Roodaka of the days when Makuta’s rage had been raw and violent, she had witnessed Sidorak beat an uncontrolled swarm of Bohrok into submission and then take on the Rahkshi in a sparring match just for fun…

The Visorak King was not a force to be underestimated as she had found out the hard way when she had tried to have a private conversation with Hordika Vakama, having believed she was alone with the Hordika, she had let slip her dislike for being Sidorak’s underling and her intent to de-throne him.

Vakama hadn’t known what hit him when Sidorak had kicked him from the platform and to the waiting pack of Visorak in the webs below and Roodaka had not been awake when Sidorak had dragged her to the chamber where they healed…

That same night, Sidorak had forced his way on her, using her for his own pleasures and leaving her port and valve raw, aching and sore from his abuse and while Makuta never gifted his generals the ability to cry, Roodaka knew she had both begged and pleaded for it to stop when she had realised Sidorak’s intent.

~ “What’s the matter Roodaka? Don’t you enjoy my games anymore? Did you forget that your King enjoyed toying with you before he fucked you into the next life?” He’d asked knowingly as she hung by strong restraints and webbing, spread before him and stripped of her protective armour.

“No!! No!! Sidorak! My King Please!!! PLEASE STOP!! I can’t-!”

“Shut up and take it my dear,” He had chuckled harshly pumping the handle of her own weapon into her valve while his fingers stretched her dry port harshly, “I plan on making sure you know full well that you are and always will be below me, Viceroy Roodaka.” He spat her title before pushing her weapon in deeper, chuckling at her scream. ~

She shuddered at the memory, she hadn’t been expecting him to be so domination, as from the outside he seemed to barely understand the consent of seduction. But it seemed now that he not only knew how to seduce others, he was able to see right through her attempts to gain power and favour with her body where others had fallen readily into her bed.


Vakama and Nuju sat slightly away from the others, watching the rain fall heavily around the Great Temple while they rested while the Rahaga were busy working in the lower levels to try and find the way to Keetongu.

He was still sore and felt pain from his shoulders and lower back, places the Visorak had managed to hit him before he had run from the Coliseum, eventually making it to the temple gates before collapsing.  

Apparently, Nokama and Gaaki had found him and it was thanks to them that he was still alive.

He had been slow to wake up and when he had come out of his daze, he found Nuju beside him, quietly reading a tablet while the red Hordika lay on a thick rug turned bed that Oneua had found in his travels, Nuju had been nice enough to wait for Vakama to drink the entire bowl of water beside him and eat the offered fish before asking if he felt any pains or aches.

Apparently he had been asleep for two days, worrying Nokama sick and causing at least one big in fights between Matau and Whenua when Matau had shouted at Nokama.

“Whenua attacked Matau?” Vakama asked in shock.

“Norik said it was due to our inner Hordika, Matau’s behaviour is that same as a young and brash male in rut, whereas Whenua and I are older and more mature, when Matau shouted, he also roared and Nokama backed up in the same way a frightened female would, that triggered Whenua’s inner Hordika and being older and bigger, he did what older males are meant to do when a female is frightened.” Nuju explained, “Since I hadn’t seen the incident I jumped in to stop Whenua before it got serious, while Oneua and the Rahaga gave Matau a verbal beating. Since then, Whenua hasn’t let Matau near Nokama.”

“Wow… and that is normal for Hordika?” Vakama asked.

“Normal for sibling packs as Gaaki explained.” Nuju nodded. “Apparently, Hordika females are VERY rare and thus, siblings are extremely protective of them. The older males act as parents, keeping the sister safe from outside threats with their lives and the young males are charged with helping the sister learn to hurt and grow, any infighting that comes from Ruts are usually sorted out by the older brothers.” He recalled.

“And what if the sister choses fight for herself with the brother in rut?” Vakama asked.

Nuju shook his head. “I really hope she doesn’t.” he said. “Gaaki stated that female Hordika are FAR stronger and faster than males in fights and they aim to cripple.”

“Ouch.” Vakama said, then looked up as something big moved nearby, watching as Whenua moved out of the way for Nokama, as she and Oneua came in out of the rain and brought fresh food with them, seconds later, Bomonga, Pouks and Kualus came up to help prepare the food.

“How do Ga-Matoran stand the smell of these things?” Oneua asked, shaking her head to try and get the smell of the dead and dying fish out of his nose.

“We grow up around it, so we never really notice it.” She said then looked at Vakama. “How do you feel?”

“Sore… I hear I have you and Gaaki to thank for this.” He added looking over his bandages. “Is Gaaki with you?” he asked.

“She and Iruini are still reading down below, with Norik.” Kualus explained carefully setting the fish near the fire to cook, while Pouks and Bomonga skinned and prepared the fish for cooking. “Do you want another fish?” he asked.

“Yes please…” Vakama said, wincing as Nokama and Nuju checked his injuries and reapplied new bandages. “How bad are they?” He asked looking at Nokama as she lightly put a hand over his shoulders.

“…They will heal…” She said softly, “Are you sure you are alright?” She asked.

Vakama nodded, but kept his head down.

The Rahaga smiled lightly between themselves, they were Rahi specialists and the behaviour they saw was easy for them to understand, despite the confusion from the Toa Metru, their inner Hordika were working and living as a pack.

Vakama had been the leader of this small pack, and being in his prime, he likely hadn’t had to deal with anyone trying to knock him off that post, he had worked hard for his standing and now, he was on the bottom rung and his behaviour showed them that he had no confidence to try and reinstate himself just yet.

Currently, Nuju and Whenua, the two oldest of the two were acting as the leaders of the pack now, while Matau had been firmly kicked firmly into the Omega seat for the time being, Oneua and Nokama were seen as warriors, but Nokama was also a healer, and thus, very much respected by her fellow Hordika.

Vakama’s behaviour showed he was reluctant and lost in his own pack, and in attempt to help him, Nokama was staying close to him, tending him like a mother would her cub to try and bring back his confidence and help him reinstate himself at a leader.

Whenua being the largest of the Hordika was showing his loyalty by staying constant guard by his injured brother, while Nuju, Oneua and a somewhat reluctant Matau were patrolling and hunting when Nokama didn’t.

Looking up as he heard something clicking against the ground, Vakama quickly ducked his head again as Norik came up the stairs with the green and blue Rahaga, both looking over a number of tablets as they went. He still felt bad about how he had acted and spoken to Norik before he’d been captured, and it showed now more than ever as he was not only hurt, but also felt he was below everyone else.

Bomonga saw the way Vakama suddenly made himself very small and watched Norik place the heavy pile of tablets on the table before helping Gaaki place her pile down, Norik knew he was currently seen as a member of the pack as they wall were.

Elders. Gaaki as the mother, and the rest of them were seen as big brothers, save for Norik, who by the behaviour of the Hordika, had been claimed the father. Vakama felt he was going to be punished for challenging the father of the pack as he had when he’d run off.

Norik however, was not going to hurt Vakama, in fact he had expected the red Hordika to behave in such away and so he did what any old and wise father would do, he waited for Vakama to come to him before he spoke of the incident.

Even if that took a very long time.

After eating his food, Matau made himself comfortable on some unused shelves to sleep on, preferring to be up high for whatever reason, while Nuju, Vakama and Oneua also settled to sleep. Nokama settled by the window, where she could be close to the rain, but not actually outside and Whenua stayed by the fire, keeping warm but also watching all of his siblings.

At least that was what Nokama thought he was doing, and that is why she wasn’t surprised when Matau fell off his shelf, Whenua instantly looked up and searched for any threat while Matau still half asleep climbed back up to his bed.

“You should sleep Nokama,” the earth Hordika said.

“I will… I just want to watch the rain for a while.” She assured.

“Make sure you do, Vakama will worry if you don’t sleep.” Whenua said before settling back down, she smiled and after a short she left the window and settled near Vakama, where she would be warm but not uncomfortable.

From the stairs, Norik smiled and quietly went back to help his fellow Rahaga search for answers.


Sidorak watched silently as a young male Visorak attempted to copy an older male, as they built another nest, the young one was not in rut, but was trying to be do its part to help the hoard as most young male did.

Female came by the nests and both males moved out of her way, the young male was then slowly ushered away as another older male chattered and hissed at the first.

Watching the hoard’s behaviour served as a way to know if he would have any trouble with the new broods, most new born Visorak stayed close to their mothers and didn’t leave their nest until they were at least five to six days old, even if at that age they had a long way to grow, Sidorak could simply walk amongst them and not have the annoying nipping at his ankles.

Some females had already had their broods and were now stood guard over their nests, allowing only other females near them, curious females who were either too young to be desired by Males or who had firmly showed males they were not interested, but still wished to know what all the fuss was about.

One young female lightly chattered to him, a question of his mood and if she might bring him anything.

“No Roporak, you cannot bring me anything.” He said one hand lightly waving her away, half watching as she bowed and quietly clicked to herself as she went off and climbed back into a small nest she had been making for herself.

Sidorak slowly and carefully walked a while amongst the nests, listening to the faint sounds of little pincers and feet clicking inside the nests as he went, stopping only when he reached out a hand to catch a stray hatchling that had been shoved from a nest, holding it steady until it found a foot hold and quickly clambered back inside the nest.

He gave a light chuckle as he continued his walk, watching as the female Visorak tended their broods and saw off unwanted attention from males and keeping the rutting males away from younger females.

A thought came to him making his stop in his tracks.

An evil smirk crossed his face and he turned and headed back to a nest he had passed. “Roporak, come, we have work to do.” He said.


Vakama winced as Gaaki applied an odd smelling ointment over his back. “Ow, ow, ow…”

“It could be worse, Vakama.” She said softly while Nokama lightly placed the bandages over her brother’s back. “You could be missing a limb.” She stated.

Vakama shuddered at the thought.

“It would be an improvement.” Matau stated from somewhere above them before a well-aimed tablet whacked his helm. “HEY!”

“Pipe down runt.” Oneua growled from the door way, “We don’t need another day of your squawking.” He added.


The sharp hiss from Whenua had everyone instantly silent and still as the larger Hordika moved silently to the door way, sniffing and searching for anything that may have been out of place.

Vakama felt the ground starting to shake and looked at Gaaki as she stumbled, using her staff to try and stay at least someway upright.

“Bio Quake?” Nuju asked looking at Oneua.

“No... It wouldn’t effect this place.” He assured.

“Stamped?” Nokama asked.

“Worse…” Whenua said, “Rock Raptors and Spiny Stone Apes.”

“Oh Mata-Nui…” Oneua went very pale.

“Kualus!!” Gaaki yelled out.

“He’s out cold,” Bomonga yelled back as he came up the stairs, helping Pouks carry the unconscious white Rahaga, Iruini helped Gaaki stand while Norik hovered by the door.

“How do we steer them away?” Matau asked.

The answer came when Whenua gave a deep and thunderous roar, Matau hit the ground and covered his ears, while Nuju and Nokama both felt their legs shake under their bodies, leaving them struggling to stand, Oneua and Vakama winced but managed to stay standing as their earth brother roared.

The Raptors and Apes began to roar back, only to back up as Vakama joined his brother at the door and let lose his own roar, hearing Oneua join them, the three combine forcing the raptors to back off and the apes to closely follow them.

“They don’t usually leave their homes without good reason.” Oneua stated.

“Visorak?” Matau asked.

“Possibly…” Oneua said.

“Then to be sure we are not ambushed, now one goes anywhere alone.” Norik instructed. “I will watch over Kualus, Iruini stay with Gaaki and help her with the translations, Pouks and Bomonga watch the area from outside.” He said.

“What about us?” Whenua asked looking to Nuju.

“Pair up and stay together,” Nuju repeated while thinking it over. “Nokama and Vakama would be better staying together as Vakama is still hurt, Matau and I will go hunting while you and Oneua help Pouks and Bomonga.” He suggested.

“Agreed.” Whenua said, giving Matau a warning look before the green Hordika could protests.

Vakama looked over to the Rahaga while Nokama finished tending his injuries. “Do you think… the Visorak are behind the attack?” she asked lightly.

“I don’t know sister… I have been so confused lately… so lost…” the red Hordika admitted keeping his head low and his shoulders sagged. “Maybe Matau is right… I’m no good at being the leader…”

“None of us can see the future Vakama…” Nokama reminded, “even if you had known, we would still have had to come back here to rescue the Matoran, we couldn’t leave them here at Makuta’s will… our duty is to them.”

“And what good have I done them so far?” Vakama asked, “Look at us Nokama, we are not Toa, we are Hordika… the Matoran would fear us like common Rahi… and all because I was foolish and blind.”

“Nokama.” Norik called.

Reluctantly, the blue Hordika left Vakama’s side and for a short moment, Vakama was left alone with his thoughts.

“You have done more good than I.” Norik said softly.

“What?” he asked looking up to Norik.

“I said you have done more good than I.” the Rahaga repeated lightly, “I haven’t always been as wise as I am today, Vakama.”

“How long did it take you to learn to be a good leader?” Vakama asked.

Norik chuckled. “I am still learning now Vakama, no good leader will ever stop learning.” He explained. “There is no book or tablet that can teach you everything and there are no tests to take that will show you how good or badly you have done.” He added, “Good leaders learn from mistakes, and they often learn more harshly than all others because unlike the rest of their team, they believe they should be the ones who suffer the pain their friends do.”

“Then why is this so hard?” Vakama asked.

“Because if leading was easy, there would be no reason for the Great Spirit to have made us.” Norik said. “You will find your feet as leader Vakama, just as I did a very long time ago.”

Vakama laid on the floor, sighing deeply watching Norik move back to Kualus and then headed to the stairs to check on his fellow Rahaga. Slowly the sky darkened and the rain subsided, leaving the Rahaga to continue their translating and the Hordika sleeping while they had the chance.

“Tears… Tears, follow the tears… Keetongu tears that reach the sky…” Gaaki read, slowly before something made her look up and around slowly.

“Are you alright Gaaki?” Norik asked as he walked closer.

“Norik… I heard something.” The female Rahaga said softly.

“Perhaps my approach? Age makes us loud as well as wise.” Norik said with a light chuckle.

“No, this was a creature.” Gaaki insisted still looking around wearily.

“Visorak?” Norik asked and both Iruini and Gaaki gave an unsure sound. “It may be nothing…” the red Rahaga said, as Gaaki handed him the tablet she had been reading and translating for the last few hours. “This is a very accurate translation.” He praised.

“I guess… I have been working hard lately,” She admitted.

“Go and gather our brothers upstairs Gaaki, Iruini and I will stay here and make sure there is nothing else here.” He said and watched as Gaaki went up the stairs before he looked around the room slowly. “Iruini.”

The green Rahaga nodded and flew higher than Norik, shining his light over the room as Norik searched carefully.

“Whose there?” the red Rahaga demanded.

Iruini spun at the sound of movement behind him, catching the slight movement as it vanished again. “Visorak.”

“Ever the sharp eyes, dear Iruini.” A chilling voice chuckled.

“Sidorak.” The green Rahaga shivered landing near to Norik. “How did you get in here?”

“Wouldn’t you like to know?” Sidorak purred softly and Iruini shuddered, rotors shaking as he stepped back closer to Norik.

“What do you want Sidorak.” Norik demanded, one hand over Iruini’s shoulder the other holding his staff.

“Oh I think you know very well what I want, Norik.” Sidorak said, his smirk evident in his voice. “And if you don’t I know Iruini knows… surly he remembers the fun we had last time we were alone together.”

“You will not take him again.” Norik stated.

Sidorak laughed, “Always so sure Norik. Just as you were before Roodaka captured your brothers and sister. I almost forget how determined you can act.” He said before a spinner struck them both from behind. “A pity that will not save Iruini or the Hordika bitch.” Sidorak smirked as Iruini felt himself being dragged away from Norik.


“Norik? Iruini?”


Iruini’s scream echoed around the temple before the sound of Visorak drowned it out.


Iruini clung tightly to Gaaki as Nuju carefully healed Norik, Bomonga and Pouks while Whenua at on Matau to stop him going after Vakama and Oneua who were out searching for Nokama.

Sidorak had used him as a distraction from his true target then left him scared and alone in the darkness.

Gaaki had found him curled up and shaking like a frightened child and instantly called for her brothers, Bomonga having arrived first had chased off the Visorak from Norik and then asked when had happened.

Iruini had broken down into sobs.

After a short time, the Hordika had arrived, Oneua walking beside Vakama to help him as he had run all the way to Po-Metru without realizing he was being followed by Oneua, but when Norik had explained the reasons for Iruini’s break down and what Sidorak had said, Vakama and Oneua had raced off again.

Matau had tried to do the same, but Whenua had forced him to stay with him and Nuju to insure no more Visorak tried to target Iruini.

“Why would he take Nokama?” Whenua had asked.

“To cause in fights.” Bomonga explained. “How better to break up a pack hat to take away the only female and let the males drive each other into the ground and kill each other.” He added.


Pouks had told them to run, he had told her to run until she was unable to run anymore and then run more.

So she was running.

Fast as her body would go over the land to escape the sounds of Visorak behind her, jumping raging waters that had flooded the area due to the continued rain falls.

She ducked just in time to avoid a spinner while rolling to pass under lose rocks as she went, faintly she could hear her brothers calling to each other and to her, a sign they were safe still, Whenua called over the others, searching for her and Matau.

Matau answered a few miles behind them, having headed to his own Metru to escape the Visorak, while she headed to the one place she knew no Visorak would be able to follow her.


Nokama let lose her answer and then slid into the warm air of Ta-Metru, heading to the areas Vakama had told her about, deadly to Toa but nothing else could get through the gaps and cracks.

She worked from memory and soon enough she lost the sound of Visorak behind her and slowly she sank deeper into Ta-Metru. She slowly peeked out of a vent, searching the area and listening carefully as she tried to control herself, the heat was making her ache but she knew if she moved to fast, she would hurt herself.

Carefully she looked out of the vent and slowly climbed out, trying not to make any sound that might attract any Visorak… A sharp pain in her back told her she hadn’t run fast enough.

When she woke up again she found herself on a bed of some kind, with a thin sheet and small pillow that served to give her some warmth in the slightly chilly room, her weapons had been removed and her spinner disabled.

She tried to reach up and rub an ache from her shoulder from how she had been laid and found a collar about her neck. She was heading for a waterfall without anyway to escape the drop she knew was coming.

The question was, when the drop would come, wold she survive it…?

“The Hordika bitch is here?!” Roodaka screeched at the Visorak messenger. “WHY?!”

“Because I want her here.” Sidorak stated as his throne turned towards the main chamber, “I have no reason to explain that to you,” he added.

“She is a danger to Makuta!” Roodaka stated in fury.

“Like Vakama was?” He asked standing and placing his hands behind his back as he descended the steps. “Do not concern yourself with my plans Roodaka, unless I invite you into them. Or do I need to remind you who is in charge again?”

Roodaka backed away a few steps as he walked past her, “I am not in agreement with her being here.”

“Duly noted. And ignored, Viceroy.” Sidorak said as he left the room.

Roodaka growled and clenched her fists, but knew she had no power to challenge Sidorak now, but she wanted to know why that wretched Hordika was here and why Sidorak wanted her.

She had to know no matter what pain she felt as a result she had to know what Sidorak planned for the Hordika.

Nokama heard heavy footfalls and winced as she felt the collar tighten enough to become uncomfortable as she tried to pull it from her neck and got a painful shock through her hand, making it tingle and numb.

“It wouldn’t be wise for you to try and remove that necklace my dear.” She heard a voice say as a blindingly bright light as cast over her from the left, so bright it almost didn’t cast a full shadow of the mech speaking. “As you have just found, it has a nasty sting to it.”

“Why did you bring me here?” Nokama asked, having to shield her eyes from the light before it faded and again left her temporarily blind again until two large flaming torches burst into life.

“Because I have grown board on the company of Roodaka and the Visorak, I have heard through my hoard however that you are, how did they put it…? Ah, A creature of Intelligence and a being of many a conversation.” Her guest answered.

“They… told you that?” She asked.

“The females have told me that of you yes, the males reefer to you as a ‘Female warrior’ which from them is a compliment.” He said.

“Why am I not impressed?” Nokama asked.

“I was hoping you wouldn’t be,” he chuckled. “Forgive me, I have forgotten my manners it seems. I am Sidorak, King of the Visorak Hoard and currently, your captor.” He introduced with a slight bow. “And while my hoard is good at gathering information, they fail to catch your name.”


“Well, Nokama, allow me to welcome you to your prison. The necklace I have gifted you is a mere insurance you will not do something foolish while in my care, such as try to attack me from behind.” Sidorak explained.

“And how am I to do you harm when you have stripped me of my weapons and spinners?” She asked.

“A woman has more than just hand held trinkets and spinners to do harm with my dear, or haven’t you noticed your greater strength and speed yet?” Sidorak asked. “Has Norik not told you why I am so intrigued by Hordika? The inner beast of all creations made from the Greats spirit and the Makuta?”

“He didn’t mention it to me,” She admitted, though inwardly she hoped he might share, she was a teacher by nature and the idea of learning new things did interest her, however she also knew she couldn’t let her guard down.

Vakama had told her what Sidorak had done to him and she didn’t want to be thrown from any high platforms.

“Well, allow me to explain it to you,” Sidorak said, “When Makuta first showed me the effects of the Hordika venom, I was amazed at the skills and increased ability the venom gifted its host, but also confused by the seemingly natural behaviour it drew out, with Makuta’s permission I began to use the venom on my captors, sing them as studies for my own research, to find out if it was possible to teach a fully formed Hordika how to live as they once had. Through those studies I found that the older the host, the more likely they were to retain some of their past skills, such as speech and mental understanding of the three Virtues the Toa are so fond of,” he explained before slowly extending his blade. “This Hoarding Blade has over the years served as a tool to help me study the Hordika, but unfortunately, I have not yet had the opportunity or time to study a female Hordika in primitive state of transformation like you.”

“What do you mean?” She asked, backing up to be safe.

“Simply this, as the only current Female Hordika you have something I need and while normally I would never separate a pack member for study, I doubt the Rahaga or your fellow Hordika would understand the vitality of my research.” Sidorak stated with an odd purr to his voice.  

Nokama knew that tone, Matau had used it before they had returned to Metru-Nui for the Matoran, only to be ‘shot down’ when she admitted to feelings for Vakama. She backed up again only to find that she had cornered herself.

“This will be very interesting.” Sidorak said as he shot a weak blast at Nokama, making her rear up to avoid the blast, only to be struck by a spinner that made her entire body tingle with unwanted need and sudden arousal.

Her mind told her to struggle, to try and fight the effect, but her body wasn’t able to follow those thoughts, twitching and suddenly aching with need and desire she couldn’t ignore.

“That was an Enhancement Spinner my dear, an invention of mine that stops the body’s ability to ignore needs and desires of an intimate nature and judging by that beautiful ocean blue shimmer it’s given you, you have been ignoring such things for a very long time.” He chuckled approaching her slowly as his blade slide away. “I wonder if Vakama knows you are so needing?”

“Leave him out of this!” Nokama hissed trying to get up, managing to get her arms to push her torso up a few inches behind Sidorak’s cold hand grabbed her by the back of her collar and pulled her partially up as he crouched over her.

“By the time I am done with you, my dear Nokama, you will desire only my touch, you will crave my kiss and you will long for my embrace, that, I promise you.”


Nokama screamed into the harsh kiss, at first in anger then in shock and fear as her body reacted against her mind and heart, rather than struggling to pull away and escape, her body wasn’t fighting as Sidorak’s free hand moved to her rear and he easily heaved her up from the floor and then slammed her against the wall.

Still maintaining the painful kiss, but now with both his hands free, Sidorak’s clawed fingers began to roughly tug and yank her armour at the seams, intent of either releasing the catches by force or breaking the armour from her completely, ignoring the broken and muffled complaints and pleas as Nokama tried to fight him.

Only after Nokama began to feel dizzy from lack of air did Sidorak break their kiss and attack her neck with sharp teeth and an unnaturally hot tongue, drawing a painful scream from Nokama, it was as if someone was pouring boiled water over her neck and then harshly stabbing her raw skin with a jagged knife.


“Why should I stop my dear? Your body desires so much more, I can see it in your shimmer… you enjoy this,” Sidorak purred while pressing his knee against her groin, “Deep down Nokama you crave to be treated so harshly, to be handled like something other than glass, made to scream as your body is filled deeper and in more ways that would make even the Great spirit blush.”

“No I-” she tried to say only to gasp as he suddenly slammed her arms back against the wall and tight restraints closed around her wrists and shoulders, holding her against the wall with her feet just dangling off the floor.

“You what?” Sidorak asked, ripped the armour from her chest tossing it aside, “You want to be courted by your dear Vakama? To be sweet talked by that hopeless romantic Matau? Danced off to an icy bed by Nuju? Or many swept off into a stone craved masterpiece by Oneua? Or do you want Whenua to lead you through the night with tenderness?” he laughed and used a single claw to tap her heart stone. “You are as much an animal inhere as you are a Toa, Nokama, you want someone to grab you by force and pound you so hard your very core aches and bends to your inner most desires, to be thrown to the bed and fucked like the needing bitch you are and I, my dear Nokama, am more than happy to give you what you desire.”

“No! No! Please!”

Her pleading when ignored as he ran his claw tip over her erect nipple and then harshly pinched it while his other hand slid further down and he ran a second claw over the seams of her crotch plating, smirking at the heat he could feel already. “My, my, you really have been ignoring your desires, you’re starting to warm up and I haven’t even started yet.”

“Stop it!”

Sidorak chuckled and dug his claw into the seam of her crotch before ripping the plating away, letting it clatter to the floor and chuckling as a tickle of moist heat slithered down Nokama’s thighs. “An offering already?” he purred as steam blew from his vents, forcing shivered from her body as he knelt before her, forcing her legs wide and apart as he licked the leaking heat from her thighs.

“Ahhhh! No… No please don’t…!” She begged trying desperately to pull free of the wall and of him.

“Beg all you want my dear Nokama, it only makes this all the sweeter for me.” The King smirked before hungrily lapping at her opening, relishing the screams and cries as steam burnt and tingled her thighs and skin.

“Argh!! Ahhhhh! Ahhh! Ohh-no! No...! No Please! Please stop! Stop! It hurts!” she cried feeling tear run down her face as her body hung between pain and unwanted pleasure, her heart and head becoming hazed as pain and sinful pleasure battled for control, leaving her trembling, weak and uncontrolled.

In a rush, the pleasure took over and Nokama screamed as Sidorak’s tongue pushed deep inside her to savour the flood of warmth her body had just released for him.

Sidorak chuckled and slowly pulled away, his chin and lips glistening for a moment or two before his vents dried the moister away and he stood, smirking at her as she still weakly struggled to break the restraints holding her.

“You’re body betrays you Nokama, even now you still crave more,” he said, catching her effortlessly as the restraints released her, allowing her to fall to his waiting arms, “But don’t you fret my little whore, I have more fun planned for us.” He assured with a sickeningly sweet voice as he half dragged her to the bed.

“No… please…”


“What do you mean you can’t find her?!” Whenua demanded.

“We’re still looking Whenua.” Nuju said while Vakama sniffed and dug in the pits of Ta-Metru, following the faint smell of his sister. “I don’t have as good a nose as Vakama, I can’t scent her anymore, but he still has her trail.”

“It would be easier to follow if Matau would stay out of the way!” Vakama snarled shoving Matau away from him. “I can’t follow old scents if you cover them with new ones!”

“Stop fighting!” Oneua snarled, “In fighting is what Sidorak wants! Didn’t you hear Norik? That’s why he took Nokama so you four have got to stop fighting!”

“Didn’t YOU hear him say Sidorak RAPED Iruini?! Who knows what that bastard is doing to our sister?” Matau yelled.

“If you kill each other by fighting like a leaderless pack Sidorak will do far worse to Nokama than rape her!” Gaaki snapped, smashing her staff down on the ground.

“Gaaki?” Whenua asked in shock.

“Nokama is strong willed and a very powerful female, if you kill each other Sidorak will use her as his personal sex toy, breaking her spirit and body until she is nothing but a shaking mess. We saw how Iruini was when we found him before Roodaka mutated him and Norik, but believe me if we hadn’t saved him when we did he would not be the Rahaga he is today. We may have our arguments and disagreements about the way we dealt with his trauma but we never let Sidorak’s actions break us apart. And if you five don’t start acting like brothers you will lose your sister forever!” Gaaki stated, using her pack status as mother to down talk the five male Hordika.

Vakama suddenly raced off following a scent he recognized with dread, skidding to a stop in horror. “No…”

“Vakama what is it?” Nuju asked close behind him then stopped. “Nokama’s weapons…”

“Sidorak was here…” Vakama said grimly.

“Then Sidorak must have Nokama.” Norik said.


Nokama screamed and gagged almost chocking as Sidorak forced his full length further down her throat, his sharp claws forcing her head to stay as he moved faster, almost piston like in his thrusts before forcing himself further down her throat and then flooded her with his seed, scaling her throat.  

“Swallow it all my pet, or else.” He warned smirking as he watched her tears fall freely now, reluctantly she swallowed, chocking as he finally released her letting her have a moment or two to catch her breath. “Good whore.” He praised lightly.

Nokama winced panting heavily, she couldn’t move due to the chains now holding her wrists and also her ankles, leaving her exposed and open to Sidorak’s cruel touches and endless torments, her rear was sore from the anal beads he had forced into her, leaving then pulsating inside her as he had forced her to please his with her mouth. Before that he had driven her to a second orgasm with his fingers, leaving her thighs stained with blood and cum.

She felt ashamed of herself as her body still craved more, she knew it thanks to the continued struggle to gain control over herself.

“Poor little Nokama, all this desire and no one to help you relief it…” Sidorak chuckled, yanking the beads from her rear swiftly as she screamed. “Not to worry my pet, I know just how to free all that pent up desire, I know what your body craves.” He assured slipping behind her on the bed and then pressing his hot length against her raw flesh. “Mmmm… still so hot…”

“No… please don’t…”

“Your heart may say no, Nokama, but your body is screaming yes.” Sidorak chuckled as he pushed his length into her body, relishing the animalistic scream that echoed around them, purring as he started to move deeper, forcing his length deeper into her tight flesh while he bit down hard on her neck and shoulder joint, growling as he pushed harder and deeper.

“NO! No! No... Please! Please Stop! Ahhh! Argh! Ohhhh please! PLEASE! No… no please! Please don’t! it hurts! ARGH! Too big!” she screamed.

The king laughed as his vent blasted steam against her skin, “Begging only makes this all the sweeter for me, my pet.” He reminded. “Do you truly want me to stop? To leave you wanting and needing for my cock to fill you, needing release and unable to grant it yourself?” he asked, reaching round and tightly grabbing her breasts, squeezing and tugging them harshly as his hips met her rear.

“No! Ahrgh! Ahhh! No! Please don’t!” She cried.

Sidorak laughed and then pulled her back against her restraints, making her body ache and strain as he worked his hips deep into her body, “That’s what I thought… deep inside you want this. You want to be treated like the bitch you are, fucked beyond your limits and left weak, filthy and beaten.” He snarled.

“No!” She screamed, “Please stop!”

Sidorak ignored her and simply continued pounding his length deeper into her body, even as Nokama’s body lost control over and over again on his length, coating him in warmth and making his movements swifter and sharper, for a short time he continued this until Nokama was at the edge of passing out.

Then he pulled out of her and for a second she relaxed, thinking he would only coat her face in his seed.

That thought shattered as she felt Sidorak’s length push into her rear, her scream drown out in a pain filled roar as he shoved his thick pulsing length deep into her rear passage, forcing her to endure pain as he grunted in delight and pleasure.

“Va… ka… ma…” She heard herself whimper.

“He can’t help you here my whore and I will make sure he never fore fills your desires again,” Sidorak cackled as he pounded her rear with enough force the bed frame shook and smacked harshly against the wall.

“Ahh!!! Argh! Stop! Please! Too much! I can’t!” Nokama screamed feeling Sidorak’s length swell and pulse faster inside her.

Her scream was drown out by Sidorak’s bellow of bliss as he filled her rear with his seed, leaving Nokama’s body burned and sore, slowly the shimmer faded away and Nokama found her body at last listened to her.

“Mmmmm… yes… I think I will keep you a little longer, my pet.” Sidorak chuckled, pulling slowly from inside her and licking his lips as his seed spilled down her bleeding rear and flesh. “Yes… defiantly keeping you.” He laughed as he left.

Nokama couldn’t find her voice anymore, her body so worn down and her throat sore that all she could do was whine and pant heavily, ignoring the tears that were flooding down her face.  “Vakama… I am so sorry…”


Iruini tightly clutched his staff, not daring to speak as he listened to what his brothers and sister said around him as he remembered the terrible things Sidorak had done to him, he still had nightmares of Sidorak finding him alone and taking him away forever.

The thought terrified him, but he had never thought Sidorak would use him as a means to get at someone else…

“Iruini…?” Gaaki asked softly as Iruini stood. “What it is brother?”

“I know where he’s taken her.” Iruini said. “He can’t rick leaving her unattended, so he’ll take her to the one place Roodaka can’t go without him.” He explained.

“Where?” Whenua asked.

“Our old Base,” Iruini said.

Norik carefully put his hand on Iruini’s shoulder. “Are you comfortable going back there…?” He asked.

“If I don’t, Nokama will suffer…” the green Rahaga said. “We need to go back.”

Norik nodded, “Very well, but you do not go anywhere alone,” he said, “Bomonga, you will stay with Iruini.” He added smiling lightly as Iruini’s face lit up a little, before they took off into the night and fog.

Traveling swiftly they reached the base in time to see Sidorak leaving with a trio of Visorak.

“Smell that?” Whenua asked Nuju.

“Pray Vakama doesn’t.” Nuju said.

Silently, Norik lead the Hordika inside to search out their sister while Bomonga kept Iruini with him at every turn, using his head light at full power to chase away the shadows to keep him safe and surrounded by light.

“Nokama…? Nokama!”

“Va… Vakama?” A weak voice called out and instantly Vakama was at a door, trying to pry it open as the sound of sniffles and hurried stumbling movements made his more determined to open the door. “Brothers?”

Whenua’s larger hands closed above Vakama’s and helped him to pull the doors apart as Matau and Oneua pushed themselves against the doors to keep them open, allowing Nuju to slip inside the room for a moment with Norik an slowly help Nokama out, covering her in a warm blanket rom Iruini as they went.


“Get me out of here…Please… just get me out of here…” She pleaded weakly as she pulled the blanket around her.

“This way.” Iruini said softly as he lead then way out of the old Rahaga base and way from the area.


“You let them take her?!” Roodaka screamed.

“Yes. And before you scream even more, I have already done what I need.” Sidorak chuckled. “Nokama’s spirit is broken and her will is weakened. She will be unable to control herself anymore and that will leave her Brother without a sister to lead them as she has in the past.”

Roodaka growled. “And you think she will not recover from this ordeal?”

“Iruini hasn’t, and he is centuries older than she is.” He explained. “Trust me Roodaka,” he added, “I know what I am doing.”
Tainted Waters

OK! I decided to a drabble in my mind and it turned into THIS! I don’t know how or why, it just did.


Set in a sort of AU of Web of Shadows, I made Sidorak a tiny-teeny bit OOC.


WARNING! WARNING! This holds some Non-con and LOTS of bad sorry things! Look away now young Matoran! Look away before your innocent yes are burned out by Makuta!!!


If you are over 18 and above however, consider yourself warned and be it on your own heads if you come out the other side with scars of your childhood. Remember you were warned.


Disclaimer; Bionicle is made, produced and owned by Lego, not me. Disclaimer over. *Curls up with plushie versions of the Rahaga and Giant Teddy of Keetongu.* Nighty-night. Please do not sue me.



Vakama slipped away from the celebrating Matoran and his fellow Toa, smiling softly as he passed them on his way to a more quiet area. A deep regret still filed his heart even with the comfort of his people and friends for all the deeds he had done, deeds that even his brothers and sister didn’t know.

Deeds he doubted even Sidorak had known about… only Roodaka could have known… and she was now gone forever… He shuddered and slumped into the shadows and looked around the small forge that had once been his home, relieved it had survived the time he was away.

Outside he heard other cheering and celebrating as they danced around the streets.

“It’s over now, I know inside…” Vakama said softly, slowly climbing his stairs to the balcony where his room was. “No one will ever know… the sorry tail of the Beast inside and those that I… No one must ever know…” he said, clenching his fist, focusing down the memories.

“They’d only see the tragedy, they'd not see the intent, the shadow of Beast’s Evil... Would forever kill the good that I had meant...” Vakama sang, resting against the top of the railing heavily, looking at his reflecting in a mirror. “Am I a Toa? Am I a Tyrant? There’s such a fine line between a Toa and a...” he turned away, attempting to block the thought out as he went to his wash room to clean himself up for the night.

“Do you really think that I would ever let you go?” A voice asked with a wicked sneer, making Vakama jump in fear. “Did you think I'd ever set you free?”

Slowly he backed away from the wash room, watching in horror as his reflection shifted and changed to the long muzzle of his Hordika form. “If you do I'm sad to say, it simply isn't so. You will never get away from me!”

“All that you are is a face in the mirror!” Vakama stated, shaking his head frantically, “I close my eyes and you'll disappear!” he added hoping his own words would become truth.

“I'm what you face when you face in the mirror! Long as you live, I will still be here!”

“All that you are is the end of a nightmare! All that you are is a dying scream! After tonight, it shall end, this demon dream!” Vakama proclaimed, slamming the wash room door and made to leave.

“This is not a dream my friend-” his Hordika-side stated as it came from inside the full length mirror at the foot of the steps, is steps denting the floor. “And it will never end! This one is the nightmare that goes on! I am here to stay no matter what you may pretend-” It proclaimed as the flame activated in his claw, a real and deadly threat. “And I'll flourish long after you're gone!”

“Soon you will die and my memory will hide you! You cannot choose but to lose control!” Vakama stated, holding his disk launcher.

“You can't control me, I live deep inside you! Each day you'll feel me devour your soul!”

“I don't need you to survive, like you need me! I'll become whole as you dance with death! And I'll rejoice as you breathe your final breath!” Vakama promised, gasping as his Hordika side grabbed his throat and laughed.

“I'll live inside you forever!”
“With Shadows and Death by my side!”
“And I know that now and forever, they'll never be able to separate Toa from Beast!”

“Can't you see it's over now? It's time to die!” Vakama snapped kicking his Hordika self away and back towards the mirror, using the time to snatch up his mask making tool and press it close to his heart stone.

“Oh not I, only you!” It chuckled landing with grace and stood proudly before him.

“If I die you'll die, too!” Vakama said having assumed that to be true.

“You'll die in me I'll be you!” the beast corrected.

“Damn you Beast! Leave me be!” Vakama demanded.

“Can't you see? You are me?” The beast laughed, as the tool dropped to the floor.

“No! Deep inside-” Vakama slowly realized as his eyes became two tone green.

“-We are one! You and I!” the beast smirked.

“No - never!” Vakama screamed shaking his head again as his optics flickered between their normal orange and red to green.

“Yes forever!”

“God damn you, Beast! Take all your evil deeds and rot in hell!” Vakama yelled throwing an unfinished mask at the mirror as the beast’s laugher echoed around him.

“I'll see you there, Vakama!”

The mirror shattered loudly.
He made me do it!!! *hides from Hordika Vakama* He held my plushies hostage! 

Song Confrontation from the Jekal and Hyde Musical. 

I may add more song... if I can get the right music.


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