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Chapter two.

Fanbelt smiled in her way as she watched the human boy, Yuuta carefully lift her sister up from the floor and gently set her onto a set of scales, making notes of the numbers on the scale before lifting Puck off them again.

The child was clearly very well educated in cats, ever day he left Puck fresh food in her bowl and clean water and every day, he made sure to play with her and brush her fur, he also cleaned her teeth with a special paste and even gave her claws a check after she accidently tore his shirt.

“Well, is she ok?” Drillboy asked.

“She’s ok, just a full of energy.” Yuuta smiled placing Puck down on the floor again and gave her a gentle pat on the head. “She’s a healthy weight and she’s got nice clean teeth and claws, in fact I think the only real trouble we might have is when she gets older, a lot of munchkin cats like her have trouble in later life if they aren’t properly looked after.”

“Well, we will do our very best to make sure she is well looked after,” Saejima said as he came in and smiled as Puck raced over and began to paw his leg.

“What’s that you have sir?” Deckard asked seeing a small box in the commissioner’s hand along with his laptop.

“This is a little gift for a friend but I think Puck can help me test it.” He said and knelt down, putting the box down for Puck to sniff, “I have been hoping to test this little device for a friend as his cat keeps running off and getting lost, and Puck being so small, can help me make sure it works, if that is ok.” He explained gently petting Puck, “Do you think you can help me?”

“Meow!” Puck purred and pawed the box eagerly.

“I think that means yes.” Yuuta smiled.

Fanbelt watched carefully as the older man opened the box and then very carefully fitted a little collar around Puck’s neck, making sure it wasn’t too tight or slack with his fingers and then opened his laptop and began to run a program. “Ok, now, all I need to do is let this run and when I come back, it should show me all the places and ways Puck has moved around the building.” He said.

“Sort of like the tracker we already have in Puck?” Drillboy asked.

“Yes, but this cat goes missing once every month, so my friends wants a tracker that can be found quickly, not one that has to be scanned when the cat is found.” Saejima said as Puck climbed into one of the many cat walks and appeared in one of her little play areas and started to pounce on her toys.

Feeling something shake in her pocket, Fanbelt nodded and moved away from the vent and out of the Brave Police headquarters, making her way as a cat towards a small apartment building a few blocks away and slipped into an open window before sitting down on the window ledge, watching her sisters finish setting up a computer and other things.


“Hello Fanbelt.” Blackpaws smiled. “What do you think?”

Fanbelt jumped down to the floor and began to purr, feeling herself grow and change before refastening her shirt. “It looks kinda like your lab at home… just more... homely.”

“How’s Puck?” Casp asked.

“She’s ok… fitting in nicely they have her working as a little test subject for a friend of the commissioner… but… I don’t know how long we can stay hidden.”

“They know?” Blackpaws asked.

“No. but I feel bad lying to them, they seem to be the main protectors of this planet’s people.” Fanbelt stated.

“But they weren’t in the files.” Casp said. “Odd… I’ll look into it. In the meantime, we just stay low and wait if they need our help we show ourselves to them, if not we stay as cats.”


“It’s for the best Fanbelt.” Blackpaws said, “If they come here and we are in the open… they will hurt anyone close to us to get at us. So for now just being cats is safest.” She said putting a hand on her sister’s shoulder.

“Ok… for now, we stay as cats.”

“Good.” Casp nodded, “Now, I better go back to watching Springheart,” she said heading out with a deep purr.

Fanbelt sighed and leant against the wall.


“I feel bad… lying to them.” Fanbelt said again. “I feel like it’s a bad thing to do...”

Blackpaws smiled softly and sat beside her sister. “Listen to me Fan, I know it feels bad, I know it’s hard to keep the act up when you want so much to warn someone of something. But take a moment and see it from another person’s view.” She said, “Let’s say that we were working at home and suddenly a cat stated to talk and not only talk but tell you that something terrible and evil could come to your home and kill everything within  matter of days. How mad would you feel?”

Fanbelt sighed and nodded. “I get it… but still… I feel bad.”

Blackpaws sighed softly. “Tell you what, when my scans are done and we have a full view of all that is happening away from here, I’ll talk to Casp.” She said. “Go rest now, you look tired.”

“Ok… but only for a little while.” Fanbelt said before going to the small bed and curling up to sleep.


Something was wrong.

She felt it deep inside; a feeling so deep in her guts that something was wrong.

Springheart looked up at her with worry in her eyes and Casp knew her sister felt it too.

“I wonder what’s wrong with her…” EnRyu said, softly petting Springheart’s head. “She’s usually so bouncy.”

“Hmmm…” Mikoto said and very carefully ran a hand over the kitten’s body. “I can’t feeling anything that might be causing her any discomfort,” she said. “Mamoru can you look in her mouth?”

“Sure,” Mamoru said and very carefully opened Springheart’s mouth, “Nothing in there but healthy teeth.” He said gently petting Springheart. “Maybe… Maybe she’s got an upset tummy?”

“No, everything reads normal.” FuuRyu said.

“The why is she so… so down?” Mic asked.

“Mreow…” Springheart pawed lightly at the floor and then curled up into a ball to sleep.

“Maybe she’s just having a bad day.” Gay said carefully putting Springheart onto her sleeping pillow. “We all have them.” he added very gently petting the sleeping kitten.


Puck wasn’t herself.

Drillboy was worried.

And Yuuta was doing all he could to try and find out what could be upsetting the tiny kitten as she frantically looked around from the protection of Saejima’s hat, hissing if anyone dared to try and remove her.

“Puck please, let go.” Yuuta pleaded trying to pray her off the hat without damaging it. “What has gotten into you?”

“She’s very scared by something.” The commissioner said, “But I can’t think what.”

Fanbelt watched helplessly as Puck made a bee line for one of her many boxes the moment Yuuta set her down, unable to go down and comfort her sister. It was sickening, all the fears and worries that plagued her mind were shared by her sisters and whereas before she could have held her sister and comforted her, now she couldn’t.

Slowly, she made her way outside and towards the house Blackpaws was staying in and froze when she saw a car parked in the driveway and two men in business suits were stood by the door, knocking and calling out. Fanbelt hide in the grass nearby, listening carefully.

“Hello?” One man asked.

The door opened a little and Blackpaws peeked out, dressed in her uniform and wearing a scarf over her head to hide her ears. “Yes?” She asked.

“Hello miss, we are from the Company Excellent Corporation. We were hoping you might take a short time to complete a survey for us?” the first man asked.

“Excellent Corporation?” Blackpaws asked. “What do they do?”

“We are mostly a delivery and heavy goods company, but we have also been part of building structures and some small farming grounds.” The second stated, “We were hoping to improve services and this house was on a list of places we built, we just need to you answer a few questions and then we will be on our way.”

“If you have the time to spare that is.” The first added.

“Well… it would hardly be fair of me to answer some questions… I only moved in a few weeks ago and… I really haven’t noticed any about the house.” Blackpaws stated.

“Oh, well, then maybe you could-”

“Sis?” A voice asked and Fanbelt smiled as Casp arrived, her own head covered by a scarf. “What’s going on?”

“Oh nothing, these gentleman wanted us to do a survey.” Blackpaws smiled.

“We just moved in, come back in a few years or send it by mail.” Casp said. “Please leave.” She added firmly.

The two men looked at each other and then calmly walked back to their car and left.

Fanbelt rushed inside as Casp went in and changed form. “What’s wrong?” she asked.

“I don’t trust those men.” Casp stated.

“Me neither.” Blackpaws said, “They’ve been hanging around the area all day.” She added, “They smelt funny too.”

“If they come back, call the police.” Casp stated.

“I plan too.” Blackpaws nodded wringing her hands and rubbing her arms.

“You feel it too?” Fanbelt asked.

“We all do…” Casp nodded lightly slapping Blackpaws’s hands apart and giving the back of her neck a sharp prod. “Stop doing that.”

“Sorry… habit…” Blackpaws said pulling on a pair of black gloves.

“Something isn’t right… we need to check the pods.” Casp said.

“I’ll do it, you two have to watch Springheart and Puck.” Blackpaws said.

“But what if they come back?” Fanbelt asked.

“I’ll deal with them.” Casp said, “You know what to do Blackpaws?”

“Go to the site check the pods, move them if they are ready, keep them hidden if they aren’t, and get the read outs on the deep space scans.”

“Good.” Casp nodded as Blackpaws removed her scarf and slowly began to shrink down in size, her black gloves coming her ‘socked’ paws. “Be careful.” She said lightly petting her sister’s head.

“Meow.” Blackpaws purred and then calmly jumped to the window ledge and out of the house.


FuuRyu looked up as Springheart climbed up his arm and snuggled close to his neck under his helm, purring loudly as she snuggled close. “Feeling better?” he asked.

“Meow…” the feline huffed, rubbing her head against his cheek.

“She does seem a little more relaxed now.” Mamoru said placing a fresh bowl of cream down for the kitten and a little plate of food as the platform came down carrying President Taiga.

“How is our kitten?” the blond man asked.

“Getting better we think.” Mamoru said. “She’s up with FuuRyu.” He added.

“If she is still unwell tomorrow I think it best we take her to the vet, just to make sure she hasn’t eaten something we aren’t aware of.” Taiga suggested.

“Agreed.” The old professor nodded.

“Maybe… Maybe Gunny can help? He has a kitten too.” Mic suggested.

“It wouldn’t hurt to call him and see.” FuuRyu nodded.

“Very well.”


Fanbelt knew she was being followed.

A nagging feeling in the back of her neck, right where Mother would pick her up when she was a baby and where her mother would hold her when she had done wrong and scald her, that little spot Blackpaws would poke when she daydreamed too long, the same spot Casp and Springheart HATED to be touched by anyone… Pucks comfort spot…

She learned long ago that nagging feeling was a warning now.

A warning of danger.

She jumped up and slipped into the shadows around her with ease, silently thanking Casp for her lessons in stealth when they were kittens as she laid down in the darkness, watching with careful eyes as a shadow feel over the ground before her.

Long, lanky and almost scruffy, but not quite human, something about its movements gave that away.

“Something?” a voice asked.

“Not sure… thought it was something but might have been nothing.” Another said.

“What does the scanner say?”

“Says its nothing now.”

“Then let’s go.”

Fanbelt waited a while, listening carefully before silently moving away and running as fast as he legs would carry her into the tree line, hiding again in the shadows returned, glad she hadn’t continued to the Brave Police base and led a threat to her younger sister as she watched the owners of those shadows appear.

“Told you!”

“So it’s not glitching… find the cause.”

She gave a soft hiss and quickly climbed up the tree she was hidden under. “Great. Scouts.” She growled, staying low in the branches as she moved, again thanking Casp for her lessons.

Something cold and painful suddenly wrapped around her neck and dragged her from the trees and to the ground. “Got you!”

She hissed and yowled, clawing the hand that held her, biting the fingers she could reach before her captor lifted her and squeezed tightly.

“Enough of that kitten.” He stated as he continued to hold her tightly. “Change. NOW!” he snarled.

Fanbelt bit his finger hard enough to rip the skin away.

“You had your chance to do this nicely.” He said before Fanbelt felt something burn her body, throwing her into darkness.


Blackpaws froze, her ears going up high as they would go as she listened for what she thought she’d heard, then winced as a loud blaring struck her ears and looked at the screen.

“Oh no…” She gasped quickly finishing her work in the Pod and hiding it again before rushing away from it, back into the city and towards the house.

Slamming and locking the door tightly she ripped her gloves from her hands and snatched up her phone and hit speed dial. Pacing as she waited for what seemed like hours for the ringing to stop. “Come on, come on… Casp please… answer…”


“They’re here!!” Blackpaws cried, “They are here Casp and they have Fan!”


“I heard her scream! I saw the readings Casp! They have our sister!” she repeated frantically pacing. “Oh Casp we have to do something! We have to get here back!”

{“Slow down.”} Casp commanded firmly. {“Sit at the computer and wait for me to get there. DON’T do anything foolish!”}

“Foolish!? They have our sister!!”

{“I will be there shortly! Please, Blackpaws, just… stay there and wait for me.”} Casp pleaded before the line went dead.

Blackpaws threw the phone down and continued to pace, her tail lashing side to side as her ears twitched and she wrung her hands, worried and scared for her sister. “Those monsters are here… Mothers forbid this WASN’T meant to happen! What am I going to tell Puck? Or Springheart? Oh stars what if they… oh Mothers… please… please guild me…! Tell me what to do!”

“Sister!” Blackpaws turned as Casp all but jumped in via the window, and then grabbed her in a tight hug, “Calm. Down.” She stated and Blackpaws realised she was shaking violently and had accidently cut into her own hands with her claws.

“I… I can’t help it… they have our sister… our little sister is in trouble… oh Casp…!”

“Shhhh, shhhhh… I know… I know you are scared, I am too, but right now, you need to calm down… hurting yourself won’t help Fan.” The older sister said softly, gently rubbing the same spot she had jabbed earlier as she felt Blackpaws cling to her robes. “Deep breaths Blackpaws… we’ll sort this out… somehow.”

“How? We can’ fight them Casp… they killed our mothers… our friends… they destroyed our home.” Blackpaws asked. “It’s all my fault…”

“Listen to me.” Casp said taking Blackpaws’ shoulders and forcing her to look at her face. “None of what happened on our home world was your fault. Not the shields going down, not the system failing, NONE of what happened was your fault… It wasn’t your fault Mothers chose to ignore the warning you gave…”

“I should have been more forceful! I should have yelled, screamed, something... ANYTHING!!! Casp we lost Shadow and Brighteyes because of me! We were all almost killed because I had to try and set the explosions in the labs to try and slow them down! I was the one that disobeyed orders and went back for you!! It’s all my fault they got inside! It’s all my fault!!”

“Blackpaws listen to me!!” Casp yelled pressing her claws into her sister’s face to make her stop. “It wasn’t just you who wanted to set those explosions, Brighteyes was in on that plan too. And Shadow came with you when you came back for me… Fanbelt and Puck tried to warn mothers with you and they were also ignored… our home world paid a heavy price for its choice to ignore two Patch pelted sisters and the smartest Downturn I have ever known… but Mothers help us we are here now and no matter how strong I am, I need my sisters, all of you, to help me do this…”

“How?” Blackpaws asked trembling.

“First we get your cuts bandaged… and then…” Casp sighed. “We show ourselves to the mechs.” She said helping Blackpaws stand again. “Come now.”


Puck looked up suddenly and then without warning jumped down from her place on Gunmax’s shoulder and raced out of the room. “Puck?”

“Where is she going?” Drillboy asked before Puck’s loud meows began to echo through the base. “Puck?”

“Meow! Meow!”

Deckerd stood and went out to the main door of the garage where Puck was trying to find a way out and then carefully he listened.

“Meow! Meow!!!”

“Reow, meow.”

“There’s another cat outside.” Deckerd said.

“Should we open the door?” Drillboy asked.

“MEOW!” Puck called starting to claw the door.

“That would be a yes.” McCrane said gently lifting Puck off the floor while Deckard opened the door.

A black socked white Scottish fold ducked inside and instantly puck jumped down from McCrane’s hand and ran up to the other feline, nuzzling and rubbing against her in greeting while the larger cat groomed her.

“A friend?” Deckard asked.

“A sister.” The socked cat stated.


Puck laughed. “So THAT’S what a shocked mech looks like!”


Springheart looked up and began to purr at the vent.

“Springheart?” FuuRyu asked looking at the vent and then gasped as a pair of yellow eyes looked back at him. “Oh my!”

“What’s wrong?” RaiRyu asked only to watch in shock as a white Persian jumped down from the opened vent, using FuuRyu’s back as a spring board and landed gracefully beside Springheart.

“What in the world?” EnRyu asked watching as the two cats groomed and nuzzled each other.

“It’s a long story.” The Persian said, hearing several jaws drop open. “Please pick your jaws up off the floor.” She added.

“Cat’s don’t talk.” Goldymarg stated.

“We do.” Springheart stated. “What’s going on Casp?”

“Fanbelt was taken.” Casp said bowing her head. “Blackpaws is with Puck, but we will need more help if we are going to safe our sister.” She added.
Yuusha Neko 2
This is the second chapter of Yuusha Neko, please enjoy!!!! 
Chapter one

Drillboy, Deckerd and McCrane were out early helping to clear up flooding damage after a bad storm, Yuuta and his sisters were helping by cooking meals for the people they had saved.


Drillboy looked down as he heard a loud distressed cry of a kitten and then swiftly scooped his hand into the water and gently lifted the tiny kitten from the rapidly running water, “Are you ok?” He asked, gently using a finger to nudge the socking kitten as the claws dug into his armour.

“Drillboy what have you got there?” McCrane asked.

“A kitten, it was in the water.” Drillboy said gently placing the kitten onto a blanket Yuuta had pulled from the back seat of Deckerd and began to gently dry the frightened kitten, all the while the kitten continued to call out.

“A female kitten... Urunyan,” Yuuta said and his tom cat jumped out of his carry cage and sat by Yuuta’s feet as the boy knelt down.

“Meow! Meow!”

“Reow...” Urunyan meowed back and the kitten paused and began to wiggle towards the male, the tom purred and began to lick and nuzzles the kitten, gently grooming the kitten as she wiggled and tried to find a warm place.

“Cute.” Yuuta smiled.

“Should we take her back to HQ?” Drillboy asked.

“We can’t leave her here,” Yuuta said, “I’m sure no one will mind her staying with us a while... She will need a human’s care until she is better.” He added.

“Ok,” Drillboy said.


“Meow...” the kitten meowed looking around the strange new place, sniffing things that were HUGE compared to her, slowly she went up on her hind legs trying to sniff the screen before falling back onto her back and rolled, suddenly chasing the shadow of McCrane’s pen.

“She is certainly a curious little kitten.” Dumpson said smiling as the kitten began to paw and play with a spare wire.

“Indeed and since she has no chip, she can stay with us.” Deckerd said. “Saejima-san says we need a mascot.”

“Awesome, so what shall we name her?” Yuuta asked.

“How about... ummm... hmmm...” Drillboy thought, going over names in his head. “Eto...”

“Meow!” the kitten said before pouncing on to Deckerd’s keyboard, chasing dust then pausing as she looked at the screen, watching letters appear as she had pounced, “Meow.” She seemed to purr.

“Puck…” Deckerd read off.

“Meow?” the kitten said as if answering the word as a name.

“That solves it then,” Dumpson chuckled. “Puck it is.”

Puck purred and then jumped onto Drillboy’s desk and started to search around his stuff, finding her way under a lose page of paper and made it move as she pawed it.

No one noticed a small pair of eyes watching from the vent before moving away, slowly fading into the shadows, seeming to make its way into the base on the hunt for something.


Puck seemed to fit right in to the BP HQ.

She played with the lose items, but was never in the way of the mech working, she tried to catch the miniature foot balls that Drillboy found for her, purring and pouncing happily as she played, when she started to get hungry she went to the edge of the desk and meowed at Yuuta.

After some food, Puck found herself lightly picked up by Yuuta as another human, an older female with very gentle hands lightly scratched behind her ears. “What an adorable little kitten…” she said and Puck purred loudly.

“Drillboy and his brothers said she can stay in their room, but we need to make sure that there is a place for her to sleep and a way for her to get around without worrying about stepping on her.” Yuuta explained.

“I will get the spare kitty bed and blankets from the attic,” Asaki smiled still gently petting the kitten.

“I found some cat walks and they all look good for when she gets bigger too.” Gunmax said from his desk while Duke was searching for other Cat friendly ideas for the office.

“Here’s something,” the Knight said. “Automatic Cat Flaps, an intelligent cat flap which uses a pet’s microchip to ensure only a verified animal enters and leaves the home. The technology allows cats to, in effect, open their cat flap by remote control and allow the owners to stop their pets leaving the home at certain times of the day. Because the flap will only let in cats that are programmed into the system, it bars unwanted animals from coming into people's homes. Retailers said that reports of foxes intruding into people's homes and even bedrooms, earlier this year could be one of the reasons why these expensive devices have taken off. A Pet Porte Smart Flap costs between $85 and $100 Yen compared with the most basic cat flaps, which start at a minimal prise of a 6 Yen. Mitesh Soma, the founder of the ChemistDirect website, which has noticed the surge in sales, said: "The demand seems to be fuelled by pet owners wanting better protection for their cats and a safe haven from waifs and strains, with some telling us they’re worried about foxes and even rats using the cat flap to bully their cats and steel food.” His website has sold six times the number of the smart flaps, compared with standard cat flaps.” He read off, showing the others a page.

“Looks good,” Gunmax said, “but don’t cats have to be a certain age before they have a chip put in?” he asked.

“We can develop a collar for her.” The Knight said.

“That works,” Yuuta smiled, chuckling as Puck climbed onto his shoulders and then jumped onto his desk and began to sniff around before settling on a warm spot and purring.


She purred and rolled in the warm grass, pawing at the lose grass that fluttered and danced around her, smiling as she was lightly picked up by a large green hand. “There you are, I was worried you’d gotten hurt.”

“Meow!” she called and climbed up his arm and nuzzled into his neck, purring loudly as she settled there.

“FuuRyu, did you find her?” RaiRyu called from his place under the tree they were resting under while RaiRyu’s foot was checked for damage after he had taken a bad stumble while sparring against EnRyu.

“Yes I found her, she’s been playing in the long grass again.” The green mech smiled bringing the cat over and chuckling as she attempted and succeed to climb into his helm and rest by his audio.

“She’s not at all scared by us, is she?” EnRyu asked noticing the little tail that was sticking out of the side of FuuRyu’s helm.

“Not at all.” FuuRyu chuckled, “She practically ran up my back to get at my helm.” He added smiling as Springheart dropped from his helm and began to chase the grass around her again. “Cute.”

“What did you name her?” HyoRyu asked.  

“Springheart.” FuuRyu smiled. “It was all she would answer too.” He admitted.



“So we are agreed?” She asked. “Our sisters will live with them, while we try to prepare in case they find us?”

“Is it really safe to leave them? They are young, too young to even be part of this.” The other stated, her ears twitching lightly.

“We can’t keep them with us, even if we are the oldest we can’t keep them safe forever.” She reminded, “And really they aren’t totally alone, Casp will watch over Springheart and you will be watching Puck.”

“Blackpaws is right Fanbelt, and you know she wouldn’t let anyone get close enough to hurt Puck.” Casp assured.

“I know… it just... seems so strange, hiding like this…”

“Better to hide and bide our time, they wonder in plain sight and risk them finding us sooner.” Casp reminded, “Now we better get back, Blackpaws will do all she can from here and make sure we have better warning this time.”

“Be safe, sisters.”

“And you, sister.”


Deckard chuckled lightly as Puck pawed the edge of his paper work, trying to climb up onto the large pile of pages, chasing the shadow of his constantly moving pen, quite content to play while the others worked slowly through their paper work.

Gunmax answered his phone and smiled. “Yea I can talk…” he said leading back in his chair, listening to the voice on the other end.

Puck, curious of the change, walked over to the phone on the desk and began to sniff it, lightly patting it with her paw to see if it was solid before looking up to Gunmax and using his hand to carefully climb up onto his shoulder, nuzzling his helm.

“Yea I’m here… juts got a curious kitten.” He chuckled, gently using a finger to pet the small munchkin. “She’s just a baby, nah, Drillboy found her and she wound up as our little mascot… really…? Wow brave cat… sure just a sec.” Gunmax said and the hit the speaker button on his phone, “Say hi Puck.”



~“Awsome, kitty speak on phone!”~ A voice laughed happily, ~“Springheart says hi.”~

“Sure Mic.” Gunmax chuckled. “You say you’re friends found her in China?”

~“Yes! She was playing in the tall grass, chasing butterflies and other bugs. Then she jumped right the way up into his helm.”~

“Sounds like she’s very energetic,” Gunmax smiled chuckling as Puck tried to find the cat she could hear. “Well, we’ll talk later, I have papers to do and I think Puck is getting confused about why she can hear a cat, but not see one.”

~“Awwww… ok Maxi. Talk soon. Say bye-bye Springheart.”~


“Meow!!” Puck called back before purring and nuzzling the phone.


“Your brother has a kitten too?” EnRyu asked.

“Yes! He says she is a mascot.” Mic smiled gently petting Springheart while she nuzzled his face, then jumped down from his shoulder and onto a ledge where she curled up to sleep. “Cats are so cute!”

“Come on, let her sleep.” EnRyu smiled placing a bowl of food down for when Springheart woke up and lead Mic out of the room.

When the door shut behind them, Springheart looked up and then sat up looking to the vents, where a pair of yellow eyes watched her before moving away from the vent cover and deeper into the base.

The white Persian slipped out of the vent and landed silently in a dark room before slipping out of a broken section of wall and into the night air, ducking into the safety of an abandoned home before daring to look back over her shoulder.

Sue that she was alone, she sat down and began to purr loudly and slowly she began to grow, standing on her hind legs as her body stretched and changed, feet forming from her hind paws and hands from her front, her face flattening slightly as she stood and quickly adjusted her robes before pulling her phone out of the pocket and flipped it open, hitting speed dial.


“It’s me… they know of each other, but they do not mix.”

{“I see… maybe we could move closer… I am not getting a strong signal here and the scans are taking a lot longer.”}

“Maybe. Are you sure you can stay hidden?”

{“I may not be a ninja like you sis, but even we research cats know how to hide.”}

“Alright… I’ll come help you while Fanbelt watched Puck.” She said. “See you soon sis.”


Casp smiled and then sighed as she put the phone away and looked out at the start sky. “Mothers… please give us more time… just until Puck and Spring’ are ready… please…”

Yuusha Neko 1
Chapter one of the Yuusha Neko story
Please enjoy it ^^

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Sirens were screaming all around them. Lights flickered on and off as they sat around the blurred maps system.

Their world was dying out thanks to the Shadows of evil that had infected their people and were now killing everyone...

Few survived now, even fewer were left on their world and this night they would send those who remained away from harm.

“Planet Earth, third planet in the Milky Way Galaxy. Home to the human race and to the Yuusha meches, Brave Police, Central in Rural Japan and England and The Gusty Galaxy Guard, 3G for short, in the areas of France, Japan, China and The US. It is this planet we are interested in, The AIs the humans have made and modified through Alien technology is advancing rapidly and while it is not yet a problem it may become one in the future if they are not properly monitored.”

“But we can’t just drop in and tell them this is a matter of seriousness and we must treat it like one despite our current war fare with the Shadows.”

“Agreed but we must hurry, the Shadows will not stay away for much longer and our last team is beyond saving now...”

“Couldn’t we send The Sisters?”

“They are still so young... would it be wise?”

“They are the only choice we have now... Send Casp, Shadow, Blackpaws, Brighteyes, Fanbelt, Puck and Springheart.”

“Why Puck and Springheart? Puck is a child and Springheart is hardly passed Graduation stage in her training.”

“I would rather they were together as a team then apart and left to fear and worry over each other. Send them.”

“Hurry and make up your minds! The Shadows are coming!!”

“Casp, you have new orders.”


She clung to her sister’s back as they ran, her small ears tucked low as she held tightly to her sister, short tail curled close to her body. Her brown, orange and black fur ruffled and slightly charred with the fires of their home planet.

“Hold tight Puck!” her sister screamed as the five of them raced towards the safety of a sheltered bunker, her sisters was also blessed with ears and a tail, much like a cat, but rather than a uniform dress that she wore, her sister was wearing a long skirt and vest top, carrying a large array of guns in holsters as she ran behind two others, one with pure snowy white ears and tail dressed in black robes and another with curled down ears and tail dressed in trousers and a shirt.

Close behind Puck and her sister were two more females with cat ears and tails, one black dressed in robes like the pure white female ahead of them and a tortuous shelled tailed female with a trousers and a shirt on.

“Don’t you dare die on us Shadow? You stay awake you hear me!?”

“Open the doors you Bastards!” the white one bellowed slamming her fists hard against the iron door. “Open the doors!”

“Casp up here!” another yelled as the first and another lifted the injured Shadow up to the open window and then handed Puck up.

“Fanbelt...” Puck asked.

“Its ok sis, I’ll be right behind you!” Fanbelt said and lifted herself up into the window and lifted Puck up on to her back again, “Hold tight to me sweetie, everything will be ok.” She added then reached down and offered her hand down to the other. “Springheart grab my hand!”

“Casp! Blackpaws! Come on Hurry!” Springheart yelled at the bottom of the window. “Casp! Blackpaws what are you doing?!”

“Springheart get up there,” Casp stated pushing the younger one forwards while she and Blackpaws stood with staff and shunkrin, cutting down the twisted remains that had once been their friends, now every one of them with an evil red glint in their eyes, the desire for blood and death.

“Casp! Blackpaws! What are you doing? Get in here!” Fanbelt yelled. “Come on! We have to hurry!!”

“Get inside and set everything up! We’ll be right behind you!”

“But Blackpaws-”

“GO!” Casp and Blackpaws yelled as they continued to strike and battle the shadows off.

Puck clung to Fanbelt as they placed Shadow in an escape pod and then eeped as she was picked up and placed in a pod herself. “What are you doing? Fanbelt what’s happening?!”

“We’re leaving,” Casp panted as she and Blackpaws backed into the room, throwing down a pair of strange devices down and causing bright flashes of light throughout the corridor they had just come from.

“Orders came from the Mothers, We’re going to earth, all of us!” Blackpaws said rapidly typing as Springheart climbed into her pod. “Coordinate set... everyone get in your pods and hold on!”

“Fanbelt...” Puck whimpered as Fanbelt climbed into the pod with her.

“It’s ok Puck, We’ll be ok... I promise.” Fanbelt tried to assure watching as Blackpaws and Casp closed themselves into their pods last, “Hold tight to me and take a deep breath.” She instructed.

Puck nodded and took a deep breath, hiding her face in her sister’s chest as they waited, everything seems to get slow and sounds muffled.

“Launch in T-minus 10 seconds.” An automatic voice stated as the pods began to vibrate. “10... 9... 8... 7... 6...”


“Shadow! Brighteyes!”

“3... 2... 1... Launching Escape Pods.”


“Sir, four escape pods just launched.” A Guard stated as he held the elderly woman by the throat, her ears low and her tail growing still as he choked the life from her, the powerful jaw in his palm draining her essence and aura from her.

“Where did you send them?”

“Somewhere you will never rule, Shadow Wielder.” The woman hissed. “My daughters... will see your end...”

“We shall see,” And with that he thrust his free hand into her chest and let her fall to the cold ground. “Set course for our next world... this place will rot.”

“Yes Sir!”


The pods rattled and vibrated as they hit the outer Atmosphere, waking Puck from her slumber slowly as Fanbelt watched the screen, looking for the information Puck couldn’t understand yet. “Are we safe now?” She asked, little ears twitching.

“Not just yet sis, we still need to land.” Fanbelt said. “The others are pulling away from us so we will be more scattered around the area... We’re going to have to stay as felines for a while...” She added.

“Ok...” Puck said then sniffled.


“We lost Shadow and Brighteyes, didn’t we...?” Puck asked.

Fanbelt couldn’t speak. “We will always remember them Puck and they will forever watch over us... just like Mothers.”


~“It’s the sworn oath of the afterlife.”~ Casp’s voice stated over a comm system. ~“Those who pass before us will forever watch over those closest to them until they fall in battle.”~

“Really Casp?” Puck asked.

~“Really, really kid.”~ Casp smiled through the comms.

~“We’re almost there.”~ Springheart stated.

“Silencing comms,” Fanbelt stated while shifting slightly so she could keep a steady eye on their path and make sure Puck was alight.


Deckerd looked up as the night sky was blessed with four shooting stars.


Mamoru and Gay looked up as shooting stars shot over head.
Yuusha Neko

This is the updated and revamped Yuusha Kittens series,  sorry to everyone who has been waiting for it for so long but I have had so much happen one after another that I have not had time to properly focus on this and other projects of mine.

please, enjoy and I will try and update regularly. 
Cost of the Crown Cover by sapphiresembrace
Cost of the Crown Cover
This is me singing Cost of the Crown by the lovely Mercedes Lackey, music by Shandeen O'Neill. I couldn't get a copy of the music to sing along too, so I just sang the song and uploaded it here. to see what people thought.
Be nice guys, I know I'm not the best at singing.

Link to song here. ->…

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Ok, so its spring here in the UK, but it feels like we just walked into the middle of an inferno!!!! I feel like I have been cooked! I have the windows open, the fan on full and I still feel roasted...

In other news, I will be posting little bits and bats when I can here now, work has become rather hectic and I have two dogs to watch when I am home, my mum and her partner are both working shifts form hell, doubles, sleeps, nights and over time to boot.

So yea no worries I am still here just very busy.


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United Kingdom
I am a writer, unemployed and struggling to find a job...

Other then that I would say I was a pleasent young woman who wants the best for everyone else. I enjoy spending my time with my friends, writing stories, reading, and browsing the internet for inspireing pictures and other peoples stories.

  • Mood: Sunny Mood
  • Watching: Ninja Warrior!!!!!!
  • Drinking: Dr. Pepper
Ok, so its spring here in the UK, but it feels like we just walked into the middle of an inferno!!!! I feel like I have been cooked! I have the windows open, the fan on full and I still feel roasted...

In other news, I will be posting little bits and bats when I can here now, work has become rather hectic and I have two dogs to watch when I am home, my mum and her partner are both working shifts form hell, doubles, sleeps, nights and over time to boot.

So yea no worries I am still here just very busy.

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